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Individual, Family, Low Carb.. Whats the difference?

Our Individual meals are healthy, portioned controlled, and fully cooked. Each dish includes protein, starch, and vegetables. They're perfect for transporting to work for lunches, or kept at home for after work suppers,  Our meals are made to help get you through the day feeling full and energized so you can continue doing what you do best. Lets face it, everyone can use a homecooked meal from time to time.

Our Family meals are identical to our individual portion. They're healthy, portioned controlled, and fully cooked. They include protein, starch, and vegetables. The difference? Each family meal comes with a minimum serving size of three people (bigger quantity) and is heated in the oven instead of a microwave.

Our Low Carb meals vary from our other menus. These meals contain a double portion of vegetables with little to no starch. Pasta meals found on the Individual menu are substituted for fresh salads on the Low Carb. These meals are perfect for the gluten free dietary restrictions and those looking to cut down on carbs. 

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