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Unfortunately, the IT team has no knowledge of scripting languages. Is there any other way to automate deployment besides coding with Shell and/or Perl? I have an older version of a product. When trying to install it, a dialog box pops up saying "The installation needs to restart the computer. Are you sure you want to continue?" After choosing OK the installation proceeds to ask for the installer CD. What would cause this? When you run the setup.exe that comes with some products, they don't always start by running the setup.exe directly. What you have to do is first run the setup.exe, and you will see a startup window. After clicking on the setup.exe, you will see the setup.exe is started. If you go to Start | Run, you will see the start menu, with Run at the bottom. On the right side, you will see the right-click box. Right-click anywhere on the box, and a menu will pop up. Go to Run, and you can type in any other thing, and Run will start your program. For example, if you type in Notepad.exe, you will see the Start menu. Right-click on Start, and you will see the right-click box. Then you can right-click on any program, and run it. I have a program that was installed on my computer. How can I uninstall it? I tried running the uninstaller but it was not found. Thanks. When you open Windows Explorer, go to the bottom left-hand corner, and click on Computer. Then you can see everything that is installed. You can also uninstalled through Control Panel. One of my programs is missing. I have it installed in my Programs folder, but when I open the program, it's nowhere to be found. Help? My Windows cannot open Internet Explorer. It




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